M.O.K. Soli party for music equipment for kids in Madagascar


Simon Korfunkle is going to Madagascar the 26th june for one month and is giving a workshop of electronic music to the kids! They have some old computers but it would be awesome if we could raise some $$ to get them some cheap headphones, microphones, usb sticks and maybe a field recorder! And if you have also some stuffs like that to give away, it´s also really great!

At the same time that will be a funny event with some food at the evening as a departure party for Simon! ;)

Hope to see you there!

Lineup so far :

DR. NEXUS http://soundcloud.com/dr-nexus
Suitcase Industrial/Noize – Live

DJ TENSE ( Apocalypse Rec. // Industrial Strength ) http://soundcloud.com/dj-tense
North American Hardcore/Speedcore – Dj Set

GORY MEASURE ( Subotnik Kombinat ) http://soundcloud.com/gory-measure
Darkstep/Hard DNB – Dj Set

SERVANDO BARREIRO ( Minitronics ) http://soundcloud.com/servando-barreiro
Lazeroid Dark/Dub/Noise – Live impro

NEKRO BOT ( Sabbat / Drone )
Criminal Wave – Dj Set

LAIN ( Audioactivity ) http://lain.audioactivity.net
Regressant Industrial/Techno – Dj Set

OHMRAD ( Aka Sim on kor Funkle ) http://soundcloud.com/ohmrad
Analog Acid/Electro/Indus – Live

CRASH 0.1 ( Noiseangriff )
Breakcore / Noise – Dj Set


ENTRANCE : Donation, or some music equipment for the kids!
MUSIC STARTS : 22:00 -> ???

Let´s say that at 20:00, if the weather is nice we can put a table outside and have some dinner! ( Vegan AND not vegan )

CHAOS WAR at Cantheatro

Simple and effective:
for this party we decided to play the music we want, in the way we like!


ELECTRIC KETTLE (Praxis) http://www.dojo.electrickettle.fr/

ZOMBIEFLESHEATER (Praxis) http://praxis.c8.com/

GORY MEASURE (Subotnik Kombinat) http://www.subotnik-kombinat.de/

AGENT PENDERGAST (Subotnik Kombinat) http://www.subotnik-kombinat.de/

H-KON (Clash Of The Titans) http://clashofthetitans.org/

TAOUCH (Kaometry Records) www.kaometry.com

BEATXO (Hell Drop) http://helldrop.tumblr.com/

DARKAM (Barok Works) www.darkam.org

GRR (Industrial Strength Records) https://soundcloud.com/grrsgnarl

start: 23.59
Kili – Wiesenweg 5-9 – Berlin

27.04.2013 – DRUM N BASS NIGHT at SCHARNI 38

Drum and Bass Night Vol. 3 at the infamous Scharni-Catacombs:

MO (Audiomassive)

FALLOUT-BOY (Audiomassive / Suppe und Mucke)

GORY MEASURE (Subotnik Kombinat)

No Stars, No Masters,
No Fakes, No Snakes!

Ratatata! See you in the dark!

Sat, 27.04.2013, from midnight
@ Scharni Katakomben
Scharnweberstr. 38, 10247 Berlin
(U-Bhf. Samariterstrasse)

10.11.2012: Mechanical Brain presents ” Prepare to Die ” release party at Kili Berlin

MECHANICAL BRAIN RECORDS in collaboration with AUDIODROME is proud to present this massive release party with all mechanical brain artists, appearing on the new release “Prepare To Die”, in a special location… BERLIN!

At the party, an exclusive “Mechanical Brain” (003) – 12″ Vinyl
will be available. It contains 2 tracks by Hektek from UK,
one remix by Infernal Noise from Italy,
another remix by The Prophet & Skinbad from UK
and one track by Grr from DE – so 5 kickass tunes!

artists playing that night:

Cornwall, U.K. based hardcore Techno DJ, DJing @ various clubs / raves since 1997.
Producing since 1999. Head honcho for hardcore techno label “CHEEZE GRATERZ”.
Has also written for the French label Audiogenic (FR) and Ruff as Fuck (UK)
He won the South West Harder Edged DJ award in 2008 and is a strong contender for 2009.
Also a member of the biggest Hardcore Dj agency in the U.K. – TDC Promotions
otherwise known as North Radical Technology alongside artists like Producer,
Scorpio , and Loftgroover to name a few.

DJ / Promoter / Producer
Hardcore Techno / Frenchcore DJ & Co Owner of Section 18
He have had the pleasure of gracing the decks at many events such as the Fullmoon Festival,
North, Section 18, TLI,The only way is Hardcore, Suicide Techno, Hardcore Evolution,
HTID Experience, Bionic, Ravers are, Re-Activation, Stayhardcore, Sub-Zero, Influence,
Powerjam and many more. He have played alongside some of the biggest DJs on the circuit
such as The DJ Producer, Switch Technique, Na Goya, Homeboy, Scorpio, Deathmachine,
Vortex, Lowroller, D-tox, Al twisted, Simon Underground, Rob da Rhythm, Tones, Hektek,
Mark Eg and many many more. And together with HEKTEK form the EXECUTIONERS!

U.K. based hardcore Techno DJ, played at various clubs / raves
and owner of SCARE TACTICS records, UK hardcore techno/industrial hardcore label,
exclusively distributed by the one and only Underground Music

Musician/Producer from UK, producing tunes in the past 5 years Dub-step,
Drum and bass, and break beat.
He has worked with a number of different Hip Hop vocalists,
and also been working with Mr Frankie Bernie himself (SUSPEKT1),
getting on the hip hop instrumental tracks.
He has also recorded and produced a number of acoustic artists,
as well as having a track released on i-tunes on a remix album (shellshock, Death by Design).

Infernal Noise starts his artistics career as an Hardcore’s DJ
back in 2002 in small private parties, for make his debut in 2004
in the Hardtekno/Industrial’s world on Clubs and free party,
like the international festival of electronic music “Sound Hills”.
In the same time he become a part of “Industrial Move”,
improving his knowledge in music tecnology and starting
to compose with Cubase and make his first DIY instruments
with his electronic technicians studies.
In 2006 he establish a new Hard Techno/Industrial’s label
called “Cyberknife Records”. In 2010, closed the experience
with Industrial Move Crew, he decided to create
and follow the Hardcore/Industrial’s label called MECHANICAL BRAIN
and a sub-label DARK MECHANISM for experimental music.

Grr is an Italian producer currently based in Berlin.
He introduces himself to the music scene in 1997,
as a vocalist and bassguitar-player in several experimental
and industrial bands. Afterwards in 2001 he discoveres
the rave scene and started to get closer to electronic music.
He begins playing hardcore, industrial and tekno music in free parties
using different groove machines, like Roland MC 303-505,
Korg Electribe Sx-Esx-Emx. He performed all around Italy
with Sgnarl E.V., his tekno project.
In 2007 he starts producing with softwares his style
keeps developing to more experimental genres
like breakcore and his hybridations with industrial and hardcore.
He played with many djs all over Europe.

He did his first breakbeat-productions around 2000 and started djing in 2003.
From 2004 he began playing drums for the purpose of musical education
and developing advanced understanding of rythm and groove.
From being introduced to experimental and hard electronics in 2005,
he was inspired to work on his first electronic productions in 2008.
With starting “subotnik kombinat parties” in 2009 he focussed on ways
to put out his ideas and concepts of experimental electronic music.
Nowadays he is producing hard-drum and bass / darkstep and playing mainly
in berlin underground locations among many other hard/experimental djs.

Where and when?
Start: 23.59 @ KILI – Wiesenweg 5-9; U-Bahn: Ostkreuz
Entry: 5 Euro

02 Nov – FREAKWENZ FEST BERLIN at Brunnenstrasse 70

“Electronic music is nowadays splitted in many different subgenres, especially “hard” and “soft” genres. Friday the 2nd november 2012, FREAKWENZ FEST wants to inject both in your brain in one night and break the style borders to keep one thing in mind : the frequence.

Through two progressive timetables, we invite you to discover a large spektrum of international artists from different styles who will play mechanical hardware techno/acid, deep mind diving electro, maniac dark ambient/drone, ultra funky dubstep, massive mutant drum n bass and raw breakcore from the guts.

You may not know lots of these artists but we strongly suggest you to have a look on their pages, good things are not especially known by everyone, be curious!

Get ready for a very qualitative experience into contemporary sounds still with a travel to the past to remember the roots of electronic music.”





▼▼ DEZ WILLIAMS ▼▼ (Elektronik Religion || Cheap Records || SCSI-AV) Electro – UK

▼▼ ACID MERCENARIES ▼▼ (Narcosis || Bunker) Techno/Acid – BE

▼▼ THE MARX TRUKKER ▼▼ (Greta Cottage Workshop) Techno/Ambient Act – DE

▼▼ L-REAK ▼▼ (The Electronic Resistance) Techno – BE

▼▼ DIMENTIA ▼▼ (Void Tactical Media Europe Tour) Electro/Industrial – USA

▼▼ TEKNOSEEKER ▼▼ (Analog Tecné Model || Trinacria) Tekno/acid – IT

▼▼ DEELFE ▼▼ (Structural Damage || Maldita Fiesta) Electro – BE

▼▼ LAIN vs NEVROZ ▼▼ (Audioactivity || Mindustries) Ambient/Noise – CH/BE



▼▼ RAXYOR ▼▼ (Rancorous || Peace Off) Hard-Hybrid-DNB-Core – USA

▼▼ PZG ▼▼ (Dobrebity) Dubstep/Total Funk – PL

▼▼ AMBOSS ▼▼ (Sub/Version || Clash of the Titans) Hard Dnb – DE

▼▼ SPLIT HORIZON ▼▼ (Void Tactical Media Europe Tour ) Electro/Broken bass – USA

▼▼ CAUTO ▼▼ (Disboot) Dubstep/Idm – SP

▼▼ GRR ▼▼ (Industrial Strength || Praxis || Audiodrome) Breakcore/Hardcore – IT

▼▼ GORY MEASURE ▼▼ (Subotnik Kombinat) Darkstep – DE

▼▼ SIM ON KOR FUNKLE ▼▼ (Berzerk-produkts || M.o.k.) Rave/Breakcore – BE

There will also be Art Exhibition, Film Projection and Merch Table with art and clothing!




Upcoming Sunday, May 27th, the parade of the Berlin “Carnival of Cultures” is presenting the cultural and ethnic diversity of Berlin, which we think is not representative enough. So, like all the years before, we take the chance to present our part of Berlin Culture and take it out of the basements up to the the streets. Let’s have some sunlight for our Carnivore of Culture!
We’ll have a live-band, a variety of djs, a big soundsystem by “A_Sound” and an afterparty at “Lauschangriff”.

You’ll hear music from 80s Electro to oldskool jungle, to hard-dnb, in between some (tribe)tek and even gabber, a small portion of punk&rock, to some breakcore and equivalent madness!

Line-up so far:
Uranus Front – live-band
Hugo Rattich (a_sound)
Janni (a_sound)
t3kamin (a_sound/Lauschangriff)
Maarten Monoton (unsigned)
Zombieflesheater (hirntrust/mindbender)
Gory Measure (subotnik kombinat)
Agent Pendergast (subotnik kombinat)

Gneisenaustr 97-98 / around here http://g.co/maps/xwf9c

ca 13:00Uhr

Afterparty at “Lauschangriff!”-Bar (Rigaer Str. 103 / F-Hain) line-up tba.

We are the ones, who keep our culture alive!